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FLUMEN is a Latin word for « RIVER ».

Mankind has first settled down along rivers because water is its first need.

People started to establish cities and have built for their safety, for business and for thriving on the shore of major and secure rivers.

We named our company FLUMEN in order to remember what is the built environment for : it is for people to live a prosperous life gained over nature uncertainty.

Finance industry and quick money have changed our industry in a financial product. We shall be very cautious about this new era as building can not be the only result of money making.

We, in the built environment, are dealing with humanity’s wealth in terms of long-time safety, security, prosperity and growth.

We, at FLUMEN ASSOCIATES, are very aware of the long established rules gained over centuries by human beings in the art of creating roads, bridges, dams, tunnels or  buildings, whether these rules are scientific, technical or legal.

We believe in basics when it comes to shape nature to people and we are able to contest, adapt or reject new rules that would not benefit to the built environment and consequently to all of us and our clients.

We use computing and data for what they are: tools.

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